BBQ Mods Smoker Spring Handle by BLACK IRON SMOKERS 304SS 13cm / 5inch




About BLACK IRON SMOKERS Spring Smoker Handle

If you have tried to find spring handles for your Smoker in Australia, you will know that you just have no options. From our review you will have to spend between $30 to $40 for one and more if you are ordering from overseas. Hard to believe right?

Well, like a thorn in our side, we managed to find some spring handles, which are custom hand fabricated in Australia for American BBQ Australia.

They are made from commercial grade 304 stainless steel steel like their American brethren, and also accept the standard 1/2" or 12mm rod.

Specifications (Aprox)
Spring - length  130mm / 5"
Spring - thickness 3.15mm
Outer spring width (end) 19mm
Outer spring width (middle) 40mm
Inner spring diameter 12mm / 1/2" (Rod thickness)
Who are Black Iron Smokers?

Black Iron Smokers is New South Wales' premier edition to Australia's elite group of Smoker builders and enthusiasts. With a history steeped in Industrial Tooling, Fabrication and Engineering it is little wonder why Black Iron Smokers produce such high quality equipment which customers just seem to love. Although only opening their doors recently with the production and distribution of BBQ Smoker Tuning Plates, time lines for official Pit Smoker fabrication are yet to be announced. With innovate thinking and a desire to help customers get the best out of their existing equipment however, Black Iron Smokers are surely set to become a permanent feature of Australia's American BBQ Smoker landscape.