Dry Mix SMOKAROMA BAR-B-Q BOSS Commercial Barbecue Sauce Mix 396g


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About SMOKAROMA BAR-B-Q BOSS Commercial Sauce Mix

Bar-B-Que Boss Sauce Mix is an all-in-one commercial dry mix, made from the finest industry-leading food ingredients. One convenient pre-measured 396g pack mixed with 3.1 litres of your favourite tomato sauce and water to taste (to adjust for thickness) makes up to 4.25 litres of Award Winning Barbeque sauce - that your customers will love!.

This superior sauce mix is the leading commercial dry mix brand in the USA and is the most economical way of purchasing specialty barbecue sauce. As it is a concentrated dry mix, packets have a tiny footprint which mean they take up very little space in storage, have very low shipping costs and can be stored almost indefinitely. It also does away with the need to add additional seasonings to food during cooking, saving you time as well!

Great for Barbecue, Hamburgers, Fish, Poultry, Vegetables and many other smaller items like Steaks, Chops and French Fries.

Note: Such is the popularity of this sauce mix brand, that please be aware of counterfeit products on the Australian Market. If in doubt, please check the packaging design as displayed on this site. Our products are purchased direct from the brand owner in USA.

Ingredients: TBA
Allergen Notice: Non available