BBQ Mods RTV Silicone Hi-Temp Food Safe Black 80g

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About Hi-Temp Food Safe RTV Silicone

This black colour Food-Safe and Hi-Temp RTV Silicone is perfect for small and discrete gasket repairs, plugging small holes, creating fine door and lid seals or just keep one on hand for a “bush fix” in case you need it. RTV Silicone is just one of those things that has a 100 uses and always seems to come in handy if you have one spare.

Rated for continuous temperatures of 350F and maximums of 450F

Also manufactured to FDA standards, this glue may come in repeated contact with food*.

Note: To be used with a bead width less than 6mm.

*SILCO RTV silicone rubber compounds may be used in repeated contact with foods under FDA regulation 21CFR177.2600 ‚ Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use‚ (and, by reference, 21CFR175.300‚ Resins and Polymeric Coatings).