Customer Service & Information

- Customer Service & Information

Not just a promise - We think customer service is more important than you do! Every small online business try's exceptionally hard to keep the customers we have as happy as possible. There is certainly no better customer service, than what you get from small business.
1 hour turn around - Send us your inquiry and we will aim to answer you within 1 hour where possible (Note: 3am in the morning might be a squeeze)
Questions -  If you are unsure about something eg. what charcoal best suits your needs, or if there is some other confusing information you have come across, or if you are just in doubt, the best thing is to simply ask us.

- Peace of mind

Sourcing - We spend a lot of time sourcing and qualifying suppliers and products, so you don't.
Price - We spend a lot of time negotiating with suppliers to get the best deal, so you don't.
Quality - We spend a lot of time checking product quality and ensuring it meets relevant (legal and assumed quality) standards, so you don't.
Shipping - We spend a lot of time ensuring we ship orders efficiently to maximize available shipping space and value and that our customers receive their product's in the quickest time possible, so you don't.

- Other

Special requestsAre you having trouble finding a product or the right price? Please let us know and we will try our best to help you. At worst, we can point you in the right direction. Sourcing new products is what the Staff at Wood Fired BBQ's are particularly passionate about!
Wood lump processing All our wood smoking products are prepared so to avoid contamination by machine oil
Wood seasoning - After fresh wood is cut, the moisture from the wood inevitably starts to evaporate. The wood may also become harder and the colour might change slightly. Please be aware that all fresh wood products at the time of packing were precisely weighed to the stated values. To keep this in perspective however, it is common procedure to soak wood (lumps and chips) before use to ensure best results from the slowest burn and a more controlled release of smoke. Soaking also helps avoid combustion. Fresh unprocessed wood will always contain more oils, flavours and other natural compounds which would otherwise not be found in fully seasoned or kiln dried wood.
Care for your products - Charcoal chimney starters - there are many different models of chimneys, however price always comes down the cost of raw materials used. The thicker the steel sheet, grates and fixings the higher the cost and the longer the product will last. With the constant heating, cooling and exposure to weather however, inevitably all chimneys will wear over time. The chimneys with lesser grade materials however will show signs of wear (including rust) far sooner. Always keep your chimney under cover and out of the rain, tap out ash after use (to keep away moisture) and take indoors during long periods of inactive use.

Feedback If you have read this far down the page you are particularly interested in our business and products and  we personally thank you. As a valued customer, we would certainly like to hear any feedback you may care to share with us - good, bad or indifferent.