Basting Cotton Mop Natural Wood Handle JUMBO Natural Finish 39cm

Kelly - China


Basting, Mopping, Injection

Basting Cotton Mop Natural Wood Handle JUMBO Natural Finish 39cm

Now with a longer wider handle, thicker woven cotton fibers and the largest mop head available, this JUMBO basting mop certainly lives up to its name!

But its not just the size that counts - the quality of workmanship and materials are also important.

Such as, full cotton and wood construction which means there is no plastic or metal used to fasten the mop head to the handle. Why is this important? Well, a plastic or metal fastening will tend to hold in stray bits of sauce and material in the cotton during washing.

The grade of the cotton is a little thicker and is woven together which extends the life of the mop and helps prevent stray mop fibers from falling out. The cotton is also unbleached which means it has had less chemical treatment which may degrade the cotton and weaken it.

Lastly, the handle is machined from a single piece of wood and is 85% wider than our value mop. The handle is also covered with a natural finish to help preserve the wood and to help protect against stains.

The JUMBO mop. Nothing else can compare!

Care instructions: Thoroughly wash the mop with normal household dish washing liquid, then invert the mop to dry completely before storage.

Note: This type of basting mop is specifically used for fruit juice, vinegar, salt and/or sugar based basting liquids only. Use our Silicone brushes for oil or heavy glucose and fructose etc based sauces.