BBQ Brine F.I.T. Brine All Natural Mesquite Apple 454g

F.I.T. Brine


BBQ Brine - F.I.T. Brine

BBQ Brine F.I.T. Brine All Natural Mesquite Apple 454g

Introductory offer: Includes 3 PACK Heavy Duty Brining Bags valued at $7.95.

Mesquite Apple F.I.T. Brine delivers on a winning Texas classic, combining the subtle smokiness of mesquite wood flavour with the rich sweet flavour of ripened apples.

This blend of savoury, smoky, and sweet spices delivers a mouth-watering flavour to any meat you are cooking.

This brine is sure to infuse a delicious flavour into your meat that could rival any found at a Texas BBQ!

Usage: Mix 30g of brine with 250mls of water. Each 250mls of solution can brine up to 500g of meat or about 7.5Kg per pack. Recommended with Chicken and Pork.

Created by two clean-living, food-loving Texan Engineers, Elliott Hu and Ralph Crivello, Flavour Infused Tenderising Brine or F.I.T. Brine for short, are the global pioneers in all-natural flavour-packed brines - done the Texas way! 

In stark contrast to common store bought brines which are often just harsh chemical cocktails, F.I.T. Brine contains nothing but natural ingredients, packed with all-natural flavours, is easy to use and comes in an astounding range of mouth-watering flavours. 

F.I.T. Brine contains no oils or fats, distilled vinegars or heavy fructose syrups, so they are also a superior flavouring alternative to many heavy sauces and marinades.

Using F.I.T. Brine could not be any easier to use as well! Simply add water straight from the tap and you are ready to go. It's that easy. Even the measuring is made easy with a simple 250mls solution to 500g of meat ratio, so you never forget. 

All F.I.T Brines are made fresh in small micro-batches using only the finest ingredients available. Every product comes packed in a commercial grade multi-layered pouch and sealed air-tight for freshness.

F.I.T. Brine are a genuine standout and have opened up a whole new world of not just flavour, but food technology, for food-loving enthusiasts everywhere.

From a reasonably hazardous commercial product loaded with artificial chemicals, little flavour and no appeal, to a completely new redesigned, flavour-packed, healthy range with all natural ingredients and easy to use directions that the whole family can enjoy... it is little wonder why they say F.I.T. Brine are “Engineering Gourmet Foods”.


Brining is arguably one of the oldest, most effective and proven ways of enhancing the texture and moisture content of many types of meat.

Many wouldn’t realise it but brining meats is actually more common than you think. Just looking around at the local supermarket you will find plenty of fresh meats that have under-gone a brining process, such as bacon, ham, corned beef, some types of fish like smoked salmon, to name a few.

Brining, when done correctly and at the right levels and time, actually works on a cellular level to increase protein cell size and ability to contain moisture.

The secret essentially is that salt, as a single molecule, sodium, is far more effective at penetrating the protein cells of meat, compared to sugar, which is about 50 times the molecular size.

This makes most sauces, marinades and dry rubs, capable of only penetrating the surface of meat no more than a few millimeters. Whereas brine, given enough time, is capable of penetrating right the way through.

Using brine as a medium, you can now introduce other flavourings more effectively throughout meat and together with increased cell size, hold onto more flavour as well.

There are many different types of ready to mix brines available on the market today, however most are commonly just a blend of commercial-strength artificial chemicals and great care and experience is sometimes needed when handling them.

Some common types of chemical ingredients found in commercial brines are: Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Nitrate, Artificial Flavours, Phosphates and Polyphosphates, Antioxidants, Acidifying Agents like Rectifiers and Buffers, Emulsifying Agents... the list goes on.

It is little wonder why brining is still a misunderstood and underutilised process by the home cooks and in most cases, just avoided all together.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Cinnamon, Natural Apple Extract, Natural Mesquite Smoke Powder.
Allergen Notice: Gluten Free.