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About EMU's Brisket and Rib BBQ Dry Rub

Even the Texans love this one. A favourite for competition BBQ, helping several teams nab a trophy for their efforts.

About EMU's BBQ Rubs

Hi! I’m Anthony and I always fancied myself as a bit of a BBQ Hero. Firing up the gas burner, heating up the hot plate, and cooking my meat, chicken or whatever unlucky creature ended up on there. After 10 mins or so when the meat had taken on the appearance and texture of leather, it was time to chuck it on my plate. Then to finish it off I would add whatever sauce I could find in the back of the fridge for that extra flavour. That was barbecuing to me!

After working at a mates place one day, and hanging around for a couple of beers, he fired up the Kettle Smoker for dinner and my idea of BBQ was changed forever. I had no idea what he was doing but 3 hours later, I was eating the best lamb I had ever had and I was hooked. That smoky goodness had me at Hello..

Back home and my Gas BBQ got pushed to the back and the smoker collection started to grow and by grow I mean to date I have 9 kettle smokers, 1 pellet smoker, 1 gas smoker and a fully insulated vertical smoker called Big Red! The smoking BBQ bug had hit hard..

Not content with just this new method of cooking anymore, I moved on to the ingredients to add more flavour to the food. I would line up 6 or 7 of my favourite smokers, get a heap of friends over and cook up a storm, testing the different Rub mixes. After 50 million BBQ’s and almost as many Beers, the first range of Emu’s Rub was born..

Four or 5 nights a week, those smokers are still fired up and the experimenting continues. I currently have 5 different rubs and 2 sauces in my range. Emu’s Rub is the result of several years of endless BBQ’s, hard work, dedication, beer drinking and experimenting with many different spice mixes, some good and some not so good..

It won’t cure your skin condition or your arthritis but it will add a tonne of flavour to your cow, pig, fish, bird or any other unlucky creature that makes its way into the smoker.

Ingredients: Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Smoked Paprika, Mustard, Chilli.
Allergen Notice: Gluten Free.