BBQ Dry Rub OBIE-CUE'S Smooth Moove Rub and Jerky Seasoning

Obie-cue's Texas Spice

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About OBIE-CUE'S Smooth Moove Rub and Jerky Seasoning

Our most versatile Rub! Ideal with Brisket, Steaks, Tri-tip, Pork Butts, Ribs, Chops, Chicken, Turkey and Jerky! Silky-smooth, mellow and so beautifully balanced. Its good on everything!"

This wonderfully versatile BBQ seasoning works equally well on ribs, chops, chicken, brisket, steaks and many vegetables! Makes the best smoked turkey, ever! Beautifully balanced flavors that not only do your ‘cue, they also make easy home-made JERKY. The smart cooks get Moovin’!

Cut meat into 1/4inch strips and trim off all fat. Add 2 rounded Tbs. Smooth Moove per lb, and mixy very well, refigerate 8+ hrs before drying
Coat with Smooth Moove, fat side up, 2-6 hr, till surface is dark. Recoat with Smooth Moove, seal in foil and bake 300F to internal temp 200F
Lightly coat with Smooth Moove, let stand 2 hrs. Smoke at low heat 2 hrs, recoat with Smooth Moove, wrap in foil, bake 2 hrs at 275F.

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Founded in 1985, Obie-Cue's started as a spice store, selling high-grade bulk spices direct to the public, cheap. We opened in DFW's nicest flea market with only a few shop-made blended seasonings but over 100 different spices. This concept flopped (the first few years featured a LOT of 70+ hr. weeks and chump-change profits), but people liked the blends. We dropped almost all the straight spices, shifting our focus to turning Obie's recipes into blended seasonings, and became Obie-Cue's as Obie discovered BBQ Cookoffs and started blending a lot of rubs. The Obie-Cue BBQ team was the first Texas team invited the cook The Jack Daniel's Invitational twice, winning Chicken in '91 and hitting third bird in '93. For 17 years, the world's biggest BBQ Cookoff, Kansas City's American Royal, hosted the world's biggest BBQ Rub Contest. Obie-Cue's entered it 12 times, and is the only 3-Time Grand Champion in the history of that event.

On April 6, 2013, we will start our 29th year of continuous operation at our retail shop in Trader's Village. We've survived heat waves, ice storms, floods, hail, and tornados, break-ins, burn-outs, bums and bureaucrats, thanks to the inspiring loyalty of our customers. These days we even get a few third-generation customers. There in shop number 1272 is the only place you can get everything we sell, so come on by Trader's Village any weekend, year-round.

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Monosodium Glutamate, Onion, Chilli Pepper, Black Pepper, Spices, Less than 2% Silicon Dioxide for Anti-caking.
Allergen Notice: Gluten Free