BBQ Sauce AMERICAN STOCKYARD Southern Blues 364ml




About Southern Blues BBQ Sauce

This sauce is as sweet and sultry as its namesake musical style. Slather some of this sauce on some ribs and watch it glaze to perfection on the grill. Brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and more than 20 spices and seasonings combine to create championship BBQ flavor that you can enjoy at home.

The American Stockyard

For more than a century, American stockyards were the center of our nations premium meat trade. There is a rich history of quality, pride and craftsmanship associated with the name. American Stockyard sauces will transport you back to the nostalgic days of a good meal and relaxed conversation, where food was made with simple, all-natural ingredients. Our sauces are hand-crafted in small batches, capturing the regional flavor and unique style of stockyards throughout the nation.

About Original Juan

Original Juan Specialty Foods is housed in a 60,000 square foot facility on the historic Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas. The building is a delight to the senses with tantalizing aromas and festive colors. Original Juan has been creating specialty sauces, salsas, snacks and dips for wholesale, retail and co-pack/private label customers since 1998. They manufacture over 150 products, 13 different brands and has over 100 international distributors world wide!

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Tomato Paste, Water, Spices  (Chili Powder, Salt, Dried Garlic), Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Dried Onion, Vanilla Extract, Natural Smoke Flavour, Molasses, Onion Powder, Tamarind, Garlic Powder and Spices
Allergen Notice: Gluten Free