BBQ Smoker HUMPHREYS Reverse Flow Cabinet Smoker Battle Box 110 Litres

Humphrey's BBQ



About Humphrey's BBQ Smokers

Do you want to cook some real competition grade BBQ for your family and friends or even perhaps at a social gathering or work function?

Are you new to sanctioned BBQ competition events but want to give it a go and hit the ground running?

Or perhaps you already attend regional ABA sanctioned events and just need that little bit extra competitive edge?

If you want to take your BBQ to the next level without all the fuss, then it’s time to look at a Humphrey’s BBQ Smoker.

Hand made in the USA, with good ol’ Maine craftsmanship, each Humphrey’s BBQ Smoker offers great value for money while offing years of dependability and reliability.

With one inch double walled insulated design, no matter whether you are cooking Brisket, Pork Butt, Chicken or Ribs, you can now cook them right every time and with predicable results.

Using best in class military grade insulation (resistant to moisture and mildew, non-combustible and heat resistant up to 650C /1200F) heat stays right where you need it. With improved efficiency, you can now use dramatically less fuel and smoking woods which means no more stockpiles lying about the place.

Standard inclusions

Your choice of Colour, Tel-Tru Thermometer, Soft Close Latches, Heavy Duty Bullet Hinges, Premium 1Inch 650 Celsius / 1200 Fahrenheit Insulation, 3 Steel Cooking Racks, Drop-in Water Pan, 4 Heavy Duty Elevated Feet with easy mount plates (for Caster Wheels), 2 Inch Ball Valve Intake, Shipping Crate (for export)

Fact sheet and FAQ downloads

Colour Options Panel, click here
Feature chart including all available models, click here
Dimension diagram including all available models, click here
Humphrey's BBQ FAQ sheet, click here

Ordering Options and Process:

1) Select MODEL and COLOUR (2 Choices)
- Model
- Colour
2) Select INTERNAL upgrades (5 Choices)
- Extra Racks / Upgrade to Stainless Steel / Round Bar
- Basting tray (Powder Coated, Stainless Steel)
- Slide out Water Pan
- Heat Deflector (not compatible with slide water pan)
- Charcoal T maze
3) Select EXTERNAL upgrades (9 Choices)
- Bottle Cap Opener
- Bottle Cap Catcher
- Stainless Steel Drop-Down Counter
- Heavy Duty SS Round Handles (reinforced)
- Custom Logo (Laser Cut and Powder Coated)
- Casters Wheels
- Umbrella Holder
- Teflon Slide Rails for Easy Transport (reinforced)
- Touch up Paint Bottle

Delivery and payment

The total price includes delivery of the smoker to the buyers address in Australia.

Payment is 50% at time of order and 50% prior to shipment if delivered option taken (see below). If self-shipping is preferred, 100% payment is required at time of order.

Smokers are typically ready for shipping approx. 10 weeks after an order is placed.

If the buyer wishes, they can organise their own shipping of the smoker from the factory in Maine USA. Shipping via sea freight for example is cheaper and delivery ex works can be easily arranged. If this option is taken the buyer is then responsible for arranging shipment, all costs and all customs clearance, duties etc. We strongly recommend you talking to a freight forwarder if you are considering this option.

Humphrey's BBQ Smoker range

There are 3 core reverse-flow models that American BBQ Australia carry's. These are 1) The Battle Box, 2) The Pint, and 3) The Queb'd Pint. In total, there are 9 variations in the Humphrey's range for reverse flow cabinet smokers. Humphrey’s also manufactures gravity fed BBQ Smokers as well as commercial and whole hog BBQ smokers. (Ask us for more information)

About Humphrey’s BBQ

Humphrey’s BBQ is an innovative new, forward-thinking BBQ manufacturer of insulated reverse-flow cabinet smokers. With unique options and market leading accessories, Humphrey’s BBQ can build what you like, how you like it.

Specializing in manufacturing fully customizable BBQ Smokers for use in any application, Humphrey’s Smokers are in a grade to themselves. Personalised paint jobs, custom logos, functional accessories and modifications that suit you, Humphrey’s can build it!

Humphrey’s takes the guess work out of barbecuing, freeing up time and producing the best results every time. Perfect for competition cooking or just at home for family and friends, a Humphrey can cook for any occasion.

Humphrey’s History

Having spent a decade striping down, repairing and modifying other BBQ Smokers for commercial and residential users, Humphrey’s amassed a wealth of knowledge on the shortcomings of common BBQ Smoker manufacture and design. From this foundation, Humphrey’s was able to leap forward to design and develop their own range of premium BBQ Smokers.

From their initial success with prototypes at various national BBQ events around the United States, and with the high demands of competition cooking as their main focus, Humphreys continued to hone their designs by continually identifying new and functional improvements for their Smoker designs at each event.

Keeping true to their heritage of breathing new life into old, mistreated or just poorly designed Smokers, Humphrey’s BBQ has held onto their grass-roots reputation for real innovation. No matter the brand, Humphrey’s BBQ will ensure the best possible cooking experience from your next BBQ.