BBQ Thermometer RIVER COUNTRY Silver 3in Dial 4.0in Stem Lrg Mount

River Country


SKU: THE-RCO-3SI-4.0S-12N-1316M

About RIVER COUNTRY BBQ Smoker Gauges

Is your old Barbecue Thermometer worn out, broken, or lost its accuracy?
Don't want a $7.50 thermometer from eBay or a $75 Tel-tru but still something durable and reliable that won't fog up?

RIVER COUNTRY'S Thermometers offer superior features and professional quality that lasts! With every popular size, variant and colour in range, River Country is a leading value brand in BBQ Thermometers across America.

Note: 2inch model has Smoke/BBQ/Grill zones only (not pictured).  

All RIVER COUNTRY Thermometers have:
- 100% Stainless Steel construction
- Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel housing
- Heavy duty 316 grade Stainless Steel probe stem
- Dual: Range 50 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, 10 to 285 degrees Celsius 
- Hermetically sealed lens to prevent moisture ingress and fogging
- Adjustable calibration for fine tuning
- Quality internal components
- Suitable for thin or thick walled smokers or grills
- Easy & Secure Mounting with instructions. Hardware included (Washer and Nut)
- 3 year unlimited warranty

Note: Overall Stem length equals the probe depth plus the mounting post thread depth.

SPEC (mm) 3"/4.0" Stem
Face width (inc housing) 83.3
Face depth 20.3
Probe width 6.5
Probe depth 82.5
Thread type (Imperial) 1/2 NPT
Mounting post thread depth 18.1
Mounting post width (Metric) 21.0
Mounting post width (Imperial) 13/16
Stand-off (Nut) 10.0
Overall length 95

Ready a pot of water that is at a rolling boil. The depth of the water should be about the same length as your thermometer probe. Using appropriate safety precautions, submerge the thermometer probe into the water at least half way, while being careful to not touch the bottom of the pot. Rotate the calibration knob clockwise or anticlockwise, using a flat head screwdriver, until the thermometer hand is directly over the 100 degrees value.