CLEAN'A SMOKER BBQ Rinse Free Sanitiser 250mls





- Spray and leave non-rinse application
- Ready to use from bottle
- No mixing required
- Non-foaming formulation
- Compatible with most commercial trigger spray heads
- Septic Tank and Grey water safe (when used as directed)

Designed for use in food preparation areas 
Industrial grade formulation 
No specialised safety equipment required during application
Water-based, Non-flammable, Non-combustible


For best results, apply using a handheld sprayer as a ‘final rinse’ to kitchen equipment and food prep areas.Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.


Indefinite when stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated location away from direct sunlight. (See underside of container for Manufacture date)


Just as common as an All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser, final rinse Sanitisers are the last line of defence against food contamination and have a thoroughly grounded home in every professional food service area, preparation and kitchen area.

While typically not available to residential end users for reasons such as pack size, special preparation and or dilution requirments, Clean'a Smoker's final rinse sanitiser is equally as effective in smaller settings and offers peace of mind as well as easy spray-and-forget application and time saving benefits.

Clean'a Smokers Sanitiser is ready to use straight from the bottle, comes in an affordable pack size and is the same high quality formultion you will find in large commercial establishments.


Cleaning the BBQ is a pretty far down the to-do list and most likely, not even on it to begin with. All that leftover cooking fat however contains alot of moisture and also traps alot of moisture which inevitably leads to oxidisation and rust. The number one killer for BBQ's!

Gas Grills on one hand are easy to clean, often needing just a quick wipe down with a cleaning wipe however Offset Smokers are a different beast altogether. Often many times larger, with more cooking space, more grills and due to the absence of a removable drip tray - much much more grease! This is something a simple wipe down cant do!

Offset Smokers are actually by design, best treated with a good hose or even better, a pressure washer like a small Geri or Karcher. Most have a ball valve allowing surplus waste oil and water to be easily collected and removed and with large doors, provide good access for cleaning equipment.

With water and grease splashing every which way during cleaning however, finding a non-hazadous and safe range of cleaning agents, that are affordable yet effective and environmentally friendly for those times spent cleaning out on the front lawn can leave most scratching their heads and perhaps avoiding the job alltogether... and there we go, back to square one!

Clean'a Smoker is out there to change all that by making available the highest quality market leading industrial cleaners that are both safe, effective, affordable and environmentally friendly that help you maintain your prized Smoker and prolong its service life.

All Clean'a Smoker products are specially suited for use with BBQ Smokers and laboratory tested for safety and quality, making the Clean'a Smoker range of products the gold standard in BBQ Smoker maintenance.