Flavour Injector Basting Syringe for Brines and Injections 40mls




Flavour Injector Basting Syringe

Flavour injection is hands down the easiest way to add flavour to your next Lamb, Pork or Beef BBQ.

Holding up to either 40mls or 1.5oz, this Marinade and Seasoning Flavour injector is large enough to handle even the largest cut of meat and has an easy to clean 304 grade stainless steel needle.

Suitable for any Marinade or Seasoning you can now evenly flavour any cut of meat from the inside and out.

Operation: Simply twist the needle into the injector until it locks into place. Fill the plunger chamber and insert the needle into your meat. Depress the plunger as you withdraw the needle and repeat as many times as preferred.