Gasket BBQ Smoker Dupont Nomex LavaLock - Generic Grey HEAVY DUTY 22mm Wide

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Gaskets for BBQ's and Smokers

Gasket BBQ Smoker Dupont Nomex LavaLock - Generic Grey HEAVY DUTY 22mm Wide

Suits models such as: Hark, Pellet Pro by Smoke Daddy, Charbroil, CharGriller, Brinkmann, Oklahoma, Horizon, Custom BBQ's, Smoke hollow, Masterbuilt, Master Forge etc

LargeHEAVY DUTY : 22mm wide x 4mm x 455cm Long
Package contains: 1 roll of adhesive backed gasket tape, 1 installation guide

Cooking with smoke is a wonderful thing, but not when it escapes from places where it shouldn't. Control is the name of the game especially over double digit cooking times. Escaping smoke means leaks, drafts and ultimately escaping and uncontrolled heat. This puts out cooking times and wastes charcoal and smoking woods. A big expensive "no no". BBQ Smoker gaskets solve all this. Now, for the impressive stuff...

What do NASA Space Shuttles, Fighter Pilot Suits, NASCAR Racing Helmets and Wildland Firefighter Suits have in common? You guessed it, they all contain Dupont's NOMEX!

A cutting edge fiber used in cutting edge industries, NOMEX comes from the same family as Kevlar and other high heat and high tensile resistant materials. It is these characteristics which make it perfect for creating good seals around high temperature BBQ Grills and Smokers and clearly, there is no better product for the job!

Manufactured in America by the world renown DUPONT company, famous for such products as Teflon, Mylar, Kevlar, Tyvek and Lycra, Nomex fiber tape is easy to use, easy to apply and it will last!

About LavaLock

LavaLock is a household American brand and Industry founder of premium aftermarket BBQ, Grill, Pit and Smoker Gaskets. With the most comprehensive range and support on the market, LavaLock is the worlds number 1 brand for all your BBQ and Smoker gasket needs.

Owned at operated by BBQGASKETS.COM and based in Coram, New York, BBQGASKETS.COM has amassed an extraordinary amount of industry experience and product knowledge over their 10 years of operation and designing gaskets.

BBQGASKETS.COM actively participates in the American BBQ community and is also a key Industry member of the nationally renown, Smoke Ring forum. The team at BBQGASKETS.COM are extremely professional and knowledgeable and are always happy to go out of their way to help customers with "tricky" BBQ gasket questions. American BBQ Australia rates them an easy 10 out of 10 and we highly recommend their products. We have found their products to be simply "the best!" yet affordable and incredible hard wearing. By helping to control drafts, heat and moisture loss during cooking, BBQ Gaskets really offer a better BBQ and smoking experience all-year-round!