Gloves BBQ Blue Heat Resistant Washable Commercial Grade Latex

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About Washable Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

When it comes to gloves, there has always been a trade of when it comes to protection and dexterity. The more heat protection usually means a thicker glove and less dexterity. A reasonably frustrating dilemma when all you want is just a good all-round glove.

Well, this glove is probably what you have been looking for! It’s a commercial grade glove, rated up to 150 degrees Celsius (*for up to 15 seconds) and is specifically designed and suitable for food preparation and manufacturing including contact with grease and oil.

Based on a heavy gauge breathable cotton glove and dip-coated in a high temperature food safe finish, these gloves are both comfortable and offer proven heat resistance, while still allowing for excellent dexterity.

As a commercial grade glove they are also tested against wear and abrasion (…a measure of life expectancy) and they have been rated to over 500 uses.

Keeping them clean and hygienic is also no problem. They are designed to be machine washed, using common household cleaning chemicals, along with your apron and other cleaning cloths etc.

Sizing measurements:
Small Palm sizes Aprox 8 - 8.5cm wide
Medium Palm sizes Aprox 8.5 - 9.0cm wide
Large Palm sizes Aprox 9.5 - 10cm wide
X Large Palm sizes Aprox 10 - 11cm wide
XX Large Palm sizes Aprox 11 - 11.5cm wide

Note: These gloves are made from natural, un-treated latex rubber. To prolong their life please remove them from the elements such prolonged direct sun light. As with all natural latex rubber gloves,continued exposure will increase the speed in which the rubber will degrade and perish.