Pink Butchers Paper OREN INT. 24 inch x 1,000 Feet



SKU: PAP-PIN-BUT-24-1000

About Pink Butchers Paper

Barbecue can be wrapped towards the end of a cook if it is getting too dark too quickly, or at the end of a cook to help protect the meat from drying out and to help retain some internal temperature.

The two main products used for wrapping are Aluminium Foil (AF) and Pink Butchers Paper (PBP).

AF, commonly known as the “Texas crutch” helps trap moisture and juices, promotes an even steady cook and is great at retaining maximum heat when cooking has finished. The biggest drawback using foil however is that it traps steam, which can essentially ruin any delicious crusty bark you may be trying to achieve. 

PBP on the other hand is far better at breathing, is able to release excessive moisture and steam and doesn't trap as much heat which means your meats are far more likely to keep their crunchy bark, while still offering some protection against over cooking, either on or off the barbeque.

The most popular and famous PBP is of course made by Oren International, in the USA. Oren produces a huge assortment of paper products including multiple types of food service papers. And YES – Oren does make the PBP used at Franklin’s BBQ restaurants.

Oren PBP is unique in that it is food-grade and FDA approved for direct and prolonged contact with food. This is primarily because, unlike other producers around the world, Oren uses only virgin wood pulp which can be traced back to its source.

Using unknown sources of recycled paper pulp for a food contact product is of course a big no-no, even though during the manufacturing process pulp is washed and processed at high temperatures. (Sorry Australian Paper, Australia's largest paper producer - this means you...)