Shaker Seasoning and Dry Rub 3 Pack with Shaker Lid Food Safe Plastic




About Seasoning Shakers with Dispenser Lids

Ideal for salt, pepper, seasoning or rubs either homemade or store bought, replacement shaker bottles are one of those things which are just never around when you need one.

Sure, you can reuse those old crusty bottles at the back of the pantry that never made the cut, but its still a tough call to bring them back to life with old half-scratched off labels and lids that are ready to give out and spill over the floor.

Treat yourself to these three brand- spanking new shaker bottles with that handy dual shaker lid, so you can flip one side to dispense a little or flip the other for alot!

Each shaker bottle is made from food-grade virgin materials and is free of PBA's. They also come with neat American BBQ Australia decals.

Each bottle holds up to 400mls or 250g of dry ingredients. 

A word on keeping your rubs fresh and tasty.
All food needs to be stored in a sealed (preferably air tight) container away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. That being said, your BBQ rubs and Seasonings should also be stored in the same manner, however clear plastic shaker bottles make for an ideal decanter during your cook, for those seasonings and rubs which are not supplied in one.

Note: Dry rubs not included in the bottle of course.