Spray Bottle for Basting, Mopping and Marinade 500ml Commercial Grade



Basting, Mopping, Injection

Spray Bottle for Basting, Mopping and Marinade 500ml Commercial Grade

One of the easiest ways of adding moisture to your Q is simply by using a spray bottle. Specifically used for brine type solutions or those using fruit juice or sugar (in short - particulate free solutions) this handy little bottle will quickly become your best friend when it comes to low and slow barbecuing.

Using recycled spray bottles from the laundry for example or garage is fine, but as we all know, they inevitable end up leaking, clogging or breaking or even all three at once. This is the reason we specifically sourced this commercial grade spray bottle and trigger gun and it is simply unbreakable. We guarantee it will give years of faithful fault-free service!

Spray guns are spray guns I hear you say, well, no.
Let me run through a few features of this spray bottle:

1) High output heavy-duty piston type spray mechanism
2) Comfortable form fitting hand piece and trigger  
3) Adjustable nozzle for spray and stream variations
4) Intake pipe filter to protect against clog ups
5) Commercial grade bottle seal to protect against leaks
6) Nozzle diffuser for consistent and dependable output
7) Heavy duty break-resistant food-safe 500ml plastic bottle
8) Transparent bottle so you know exactly what is in your marinade bottle, or if you have multiple bottles 

Note: This bottle is manufactured from virgin food-grade PBA-free plastics. The inner value and spring sets are made from 304 grade stainless steel. It is recommended however that you don't treat your spray gun like a Tupperware container and that you wash and flush it regularly and allow it to fully dry before putting it into storage.