Thermometer Maverick Wireless BBQ ET-733 Black Dual Sensors Long Range


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Thermometer Maverick Wireless BBQ ET-733 Black Dual Sensors Long Range

* Includes 2 sensor probes. 

Does "Low n Slow" cooking for 10 hours or more get you worried? Do those blasted air baffles have a mind of their own? Do you really want the extra freedom during those long hours cooking? Help is at hand... the ubiquitous Maverick Wireless ET-733 BBQ and Smoker Thermometer is here! 

Your Maverick Wireless ET-733 BBQ and Smoker Thermometer will quietly watch over your Q from start to finish - so well, that perhaps some people would say that it is "cheating"!

With dual stainless steel sensors, a wireless receiver, a belt clip / table stand and now with superior transmission range of up to 90 meters, your Maverick Wireless ET-733 BBQ and Smoker Thermometer will become your trusted companion even before you use it.  

The wireless receiver easily clips onto your belt or fits in your pocket and lets you monitor your BBQ wirelessly, from indoors or out or from across the lawn. During cooking your Maverick Wireless ET-733 BBQ and Smoker Thermometer is constantly communicating with your receiver in real time. It constantly displays the current chamber and meat internal temperature, and can sound an alarm at pre-set temperatures to guarantee a perfect cook every time.

The Maverick Wireless ET-733 BBQ and Smoker Thermometer is also ideal for use in ovens, smokers or grills.

Maverick Wireless ET-733 BBQ and Smoker Thermometer features a larger screen and displays both the target-high and target-low temperatures. Two probes are included to monitor two individual things at the same time: 1 food and 1 BBQ; 2 individual foods; or 2 separate BBQs. The new larger screen displays both temperatures all the time. Setting target temperatures is even easier as well with NEW preset temperatures for 6 meats and 9 game meats (Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Turkey Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit Boar, Duck, Bird & Fish).

Maverick Wireless ET-733 BBQ and Smoker Thermometer Features:
- Larger screen
- 2 hybrid probes and 2 grill clips
- Long 90cm probe wires are rated for 380°Celcius
- Settings are stored even when receiver is off
- Customize preset temperatures to personal taste
- Adjust temperature settings by pressing HI or LO
- Alarm alerts you when preset temperature is reached
- Loss of signal alert sounds if you go out of range for more than 60 seconds
- Superior tramsmission range up to 90 meters
- Select between °F and °C
- 4 x AAA batteries included
- To review the User Manual for the Maverick ET-733, Click Here 
Note: Probes are not designed to be near naked flames or directly over radiant heat.

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Q: I tested my thermometer in boiling water and it reads 208ºF instead of the expected 212ºF. Is there anyway to calibrate my digital thermometer?
A: There can typically be a slight temperature variance between different brand thermometers. These variations are only about +/- 3 to 4 degrees F so there is no real cause for concern. 

Q: What if the temperature readings on my probes are off by a lot, sometimes by 50+ºF? What do I do now? Is there anything I can do to fix this probes?
A: Erratic readouts like this means that unfortunately your probes may have been damaged or shorted out. Once probes have shorted out there is no way to bring them back to working status. New probes for the ET-733 are available for a cost of approx $25. 

Q: Why do I get HHH or LLL for a temperature when I plug my probe into the unit?
A: 99% of the time the probe has failed. If you have used the unit in the past the probe may have been melted, severely pinched or immersed in water by accident. Any of these would cause the probe to short out and give a HHH, LLL or false temperature display.

Sometimes a probe that is malfunctioning due to moisture inside can be made to work again by the following procedure:
1) Place probe and wire (not entire transmitter) in a small baking pan and put it in an oven that you have preheated to 300 F.
2) Leave in for 10 minutes, then remove and allow to cool. When cool, try using probe again and it may work.

Q: What should I do to prolong the use of the probes?
A: Tin foil can be wrapped around the probe wire to shield it from some of the heat or flare-ups that can occur. The probe should also not be placed directly over flame such as above the burners on a gas BBQ. The ambient BBQ chamber temperature is not the same as the temperature directly above a gas burner. The temperature may be up to 5 times as hot and will subsequently burn and short out your probe.

It is also important to never submerge your probe or probe wire in water. The water could get into the internal wiring and short out the probe. Also, clean your probe with a damp paper towel only after it‚¬„¢s cooled down.